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The Tale of the Beavers

roadmap progress


Our founders are NFT holders with Tech and Web3 background, who descided to take their metaverse obsettion a little further. How can you experience metaverse without becoming a part of it? So, the journey began…

Stage 2

Community Generation

We want to ensure that behind every Beaver there is a TRUE community member, who chose to be a part of our project not only for its fabulous design. We all agree, that simly selling art is boring, when you can have a party!

Stage Tag

Mint ‘n’ Stake

To put it simple: we give you ETH if you are a KEEPER, not a FLIPPER.

Stage 4


Ain’t no truth in authoritarism, we belive in democracy.

Stage 5

Off to the Metaverse

We guess Apes are not popular anymore, the future is Beavers.


God is a Beaver

What do I get out of staking?

Our staking rewards will be paid in Ethereum, unlike other projects that offer their own ERC20 tokens.

As the project grows and initial minters begin selling/unstaking their Beaver NFTs, the number of stakers will decrease. In turn, this will cause exponential growth in staking rewards for those who are true Holers! Our unique staking system allows more freedom for our stakers compared to traditional NFT staking. Beavers’ staking program will encourage people to HODL on and not sell their minted Beavers post reveal. This strategy will benefit Beaver holders and strengthen the entire ecosystem.

What is the procedure?

proc 1

Beavers staking is reserved for minters only.

proc 2

No secondary sale NFTs can be staked.  Staking is reserved for minters only.

proc 3

As soon as a Beaver NFT is minted, it will automatically be registered for staking. No action will be required by minters to stake their NFTs. There is no lock-up period for staked NFTs.

Group 51

Every 30 days after Minting closes (Staking contract start date), 50% of all Opensea secondary sales royalties will be deposited into the Staking Pool in Ethereum and will be divided equally amongst remaining Stakers for that 30 day period.

Group 51-1

After the Ethereum deposit is made to the Staking Pool and divided, Stakers will have 1 Staking Reward Claim per 30 day period for each staked Beaver NFT. If Stakers do not claim their Ethereum Staking Rewards during that 30-day claim period, their Staking rewards will be forfeited, added to the next month’s Staking Pool and divided equally amongst remaining Stakers.

Group 51-2

Stakers will have the ability to sell their Beaver NFTs at any time, but if they chose to do so their NFTs are automatically removed from staking and cannot be restaked. All Staking Rewards must be claimed prior to selling or unstaking a staked Beaver NFT.


The Golden Trio


The Beaver Gaffer/Beaver Believer

Project founder, ex-worker of the Top-4 Fortune 500 companies. Her British accent is beautiful.


The Beaver Catcher

Thomas is responsible for the marketing.
He is also a Web 3 Rat.


The Beaver

Rio is an artist, he simply draws and likes beavers.


Seriously mate, can’t Google what an NFT is?

Where can I view my NFTs?

Once minted, simply connect your OpenSea account to your metamask wallet to view your NFTs.

How can I use my NFT?

You will be able to use your NFT as an exclusive token for future whitelists of our projects (as well as all projects that are part of the Beaver Pond), as a passkey in all Beaver Pond metaverse locations and our future games/giveaways/competitions/private lounges etc.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. The future phases in the Beaver Pond’s roadmap will allow you to join this Metaverse using the assets you own.

Become a Beaver Believer

Make sure to join our community on Discord to stay up to date with announcements, drop info, and special releases!